Tips Before Installing

  • If You Have The “Classic Editor” Plugin Installed, You Need To Uninstall It To Make The Theme Work OR Enable The Gutenberg/Block Editor In The Plugin Settings
  • Installing The Theme Will Import The Demo Blog Posts, So Make Sure To Pause Any RSS-To-Email Feeds If You Have This Set Up BEFORE Installing Your New Theme. Once The Theme Is Installed, You Can Delete The Demo Posts And Restart Your RSS Feed Again

    Installing The Divi Theme

    • Navigate To Your Wp Dashboard And Go To Themes And Click The Add New Button. Install The Divi Theme in your download folder. Please don’t Activate once installed.

      Installing The Chid Theme

      Navigate your plugins and upload the child theme in the folder you downloaded. It should have the name sequence Please upload it just as it is. No need to open this. Once its uploaded, Activate it.

      Importing The Demo Content

      On the left hand side of your dashboard. There will be an icon with the child theme name. For tutorial purposes I am using the Havana theme. Click on it to start the import process. It will open a page indicating what the import includes. You can choose which options to import. If you want your website to look exactly like demo please leave it as it is. Scroll down and choose the Begin site import button. There will be an import progress log, once it imported you will be notified. And thats all view your site looks exactly like demo.