Tips Before Installing

  • If you have the Classic Editor plugin installed, you need to uninstall it to make the theme work OR enable the Gutenberg/block editor in the plugin settings
  • Installing the theme will import the demo blog posts, so make sure to pause any RSS-to-email feeds if you have this set up BEFORE installing your new theme. Once the theme is installed, you can delete the demo posts and restart your RSS feed again.

Installing The Kadence Theme

  • Navigate to your wp dashboard and go to themes and click the add new button. Search for kadence theme in the search bar and install. Please don’t activate this when you install.

  • Navigate to your plugins and Click add new button and search for starter templates by kadence. Install and activate it.

  • Now we are going to upload the child theme you purchased. In your zip file it will have the name Please dont open this we will upload it to your website as it is.
  • Navigate to your themes and click the add new button. Click upload new and choose the file which will look like For tutorials I am using the tokyo theme so our file sequence will be and click the install now. Once installation is complete navigate to themes and your newly uploaded child theme will be there.

  • Now we are going to activate the theme. Navigate to Appearance, Themes and activate the child theme you just uploaded. What we are going to do next is import the demo content. Go to Appearance and choose the starter templates.
  • Click on it and on the page choose the first option labelled thethemespace. The next page will display the image of the theme you purchased. Click on it to start importing. Make sure to check the import options to be sure you have required plugins if needed. if this option Doesn’t apply to you skip this and go straight to importing by clicking the start importing button. Importing the content should take between 6-8 minutes. Once the import is complete click the Finished view site button. And thats all!


  • Depending on your host/server, it can take up to 6-8 minutes for the demo content to import completely.
  • If you receive an install error or if the installation does not complete after 8 minutes, disable your plugins (except for the Starter Templates plugin) and try to import the theme again. You can re-activate your plugins once the installation is finished.
  • BLUEHOST & GODADDY SITES: If you continue to receive an error during installation, contact your host and ask them to “increase the Memory Limit and Post Max Size to 512KB”. Once this is done, navigate to Appearance > Kadence > Kadence Starter Templates, then click on the theme image again to install it.


If your import says it has failed, please read my troubleshooting article..