A nav menu/navigation menu guides your site visitors to the pages and content you have on your website. You can add pages, posts, custom links, categories, shop links, and other content types to your nav menu, as well as customize where you want your menu(s) to display.

Creating navigation menus may sound a bit complicated, but it’s actually very simple! It’s important to have intuitive & organized menus that ease your visitor’s way to find what they need on your website. Just like your post Categories, you’ll want to organize and structure your menu items thoroughly because a menu should work like a map for your site. It should easily guide your visitors to the content they’re looking for.

You can have as many menus as you want & can add as many items to each menu as you want.

How to Create A Menu

Creating a menu is super easy. And there are two ways to do this. You can create a menu either via the wp customizer or directly on your wp dashboard. I have found its easier through the customizer and the tutorial below covers that.

How to Create Sub menus /Drop-down Menu

Creating submenus are super straight forward. This helps organize your menu into sections that are easy to navigate. Here is a quick tutorial on how to create submenus on your website.

How to Hide Pages from Menu

When you install the theme, there may be some pages you are not ready to display yet on your website. This tutorial will guide you on how to disable a page from the menu.

Adding Custom Links to your Menu

Custom links are useful for those cases where you want to link to a page that is separate from your website. For example, maybe you want to add a link to a service offer. This can be done with the custom link option.

Kadence Child Theme Menus

Kadence child theme menus work just like normal menus! But there are 2 special menu locations I want to go over:

1. “Mobile” menu location – when you set a menu to the Mobile location, it will show up on mobile only.

2. “Footer” menu location – Just like it sounds, this menu location will display the menu in the footer (if you have added it to the footer in the customizer). This menu will display links horizontally, so it’s good for adding important pages like Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.